The correct placement of monograms is subject to many variables. Surprisingly, tradition is not a big factor. Here we provide you with some guidelines to follow when monogramming these popular items. Feel free to change them to suit your needs and taste.

TOWELS Place the monogram on the opposite side of the label and on the opposite end. (Measurements are from the bottom of the monogram.)

WASH CLOTHS 1 ½” above hem or 1” above border

HAND TOWELS 2” above hem or 1 ½” above border

BATH TOWELS 4” above hem or 2” above border

BATH SHEETS 4” above hem or 3” above border

SHEETS The bottom of the monogram should be centered about 2” above the wide hem line on the top side of the sheet.

PILLOW CASES The monogram should be centered between the edge of the open end and the stitching on the hem or the border design.

SHIRT POCKETS Place ¼” to ½” down from the pocket edge and centered between the seams.

SHIRT CUFFS To place the monogram in the top center of the wrist, start 1” from the center of the cuff toward the button hole and ¼” to ½” above cuff edge. The bottom of the letters should fall at the bottom of the cuff.

TIES Place 2” to 1 ½” up from the bottom tip or 9” to 11” up from the bottom tip when worn with a vest.

MEN’S GOLF SWEATERS,ROBES, ETC.,  Place 7 ½” to 9” down from the left shoulder seam and SHIRTS, 4” to 6” over from the center.

LADIES’ SWEATERS Place 3 ½” to 4 ½” down from the collar and centered on the front. 

SWEATSHIRTS Place 3 – 3 ½” down from the bottom of the crew neck edge.

LADIES’ ROBES, BLOUSES, ETC. Place 4” to 6” down from the left shoulder seam and 3” to 5” over from the center.

SATIN JACKETS For designs on the left breast area, place 3 ½” to 4” over from the center edge and 6” to 8” down from the shoulder seam. For the back of the jackets and placement depends on the size of the design and the size of the jacket. A design or lettering can be centered anywhere from 6” to 9” down from the seam on the collar.